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06 December 2012 20:45 | By Jeremy Lim, xinmsn Travel
Alternative Honeymoon Spots

Go sailing the traditional way

Go sailing the traditional way (© REUTERS/Martin Passingham)
  • Hard Rock Hotel (© Priceless Singapore)
  • Eco-lodge in Sabah (© Jeremy Lim / xinmsn)
  • Visit Korean drama sites (© AFP PHOTO/LEE HOON-KOO)
  • Canoe the Whanganui River (© Colin Monteath / Getty Images)
  • Go sailing the traditional way (© REUTERS/Martin Passingham)
  • Tour the LOTR filming sites (© REX Features)
  • Goggle at Geysers in Yellowstone (© Cai Yun Iris)
  • Go camping in a… campervan (© NIGEL RODDIS / Reuters)
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Lots of people book motorised luxury yachts for their honeymoon. But these diesel-powered monsters give off an annoying rattle when the engine is on – hardly the most romantic sound for an ocean-going honeymoon. What’s more, their flat bottoms make them clumsy and easily rocked by waves from side to side, which is not the most pleasant of sensations.

Instead, book yourself a berth on a real sailing yacht – one with billowing white sails and an ocean-going keel that cuts the waves like a knife through butter. No mechanical sounds, just the roar of the sea and spray to serenade you and your loved one.