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06 December 2012 20:45 | By Jeremy Lim, xinmsn Travel
Alternative Honeymoon Spots

Canoe the Whanganui River

Canoe the Whanganui River (© Colin Monteath / Getty Images)
  • Hard Rock Hotel (© Priceless Singapore)
  • Eco-lodge in Sabah (© Jeremy Lim / xinmsn)
  • Visit Korean drama sites (© AFP PHOTO/LEE HOON-KOO)
  • Canoe the Whanganui River (© Colin Monteath / Getty Images)
  • Go sailing the traditional way (© REUTERS/Martin Passingham)
  • Tour the LOTR filming sites (© REX Features)
  • Goggle at Geysers in Yellowstone (© Cai Yun Iris)
  • Go camping in a… campervan (© NIGEL RODDIS / Reuters)
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Hire a two-seater canoe for a five-day trip along New Zealand’s Whanganui River and hit the waves with your loved one. A canoe promises an intimate experience as you journey together past tall cliffs and around rapids and little whirlpools.

As night falls, beach your canoe at one of the several campsites along the route. Here is where the magic starts. Many of these campsites are not accessible by land – in other words, it will be just you and Mother Nature (and whoever else went canoeing on the same day). Book a bunk at one of the dormitory-like campsite buildings or pitch your own tent under the stars for maximum privacy. And what stars! Away from cities and roads, the night sky dazzles more than ever. Just don’t expect cellphone coverage!