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06 December 2012 20:45 | By Jeremy Lim, xinmsn Travel
Alternative Honeymoon Spots

Visit Korean drama sites

Visit Korean drama sites (© AFP PHOTO/LEE HOON-KOO)
  • Hard Rock Hotel (© Priceless Singapore)
  • Eco-lodge in Sabah (© Jeremy Lim / xinmsn)
  • Visit Korean drama sites (© AFP PHOTO/LEE HOON-KOO)
  • Canoe the Whanganui River (© Colin Monteath / Getty Images)
  • Go sailing the traditional way (© REUTERS/Martin Passingham)
  • Tour the LOTR filming sites (© REX Features)
  • Goggle at Geysers in Yellowstone (© Cai Yun Iris)
  • Go camping in a… campervan (© NIGEL RODDIS / Reuters)
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There must be something magical about those places where they film Korean dramas. Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young got together after filming City Hunter, and Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo got together after shoot Queen In-Hyun’s Man.

Why not make your very own love story come true by going on a tour of the various filming sites?

One of the classics is Chuncheon, the town of mountains and lakes that is the setting for that mother of dramas, Winter Sonata.

In this rural getaway, cycle along avenues lined with maple, chestnut, poplar and metasequoia trees that change their hue with the seasons. Or take a boat across Soyang Lake to the peaceful Cheongpyeong temple. After your adventures, head over to Myeongdong Dakgalbi Street (another drama hotspot) and savour the local delicacy – a potent mix of marinated chicken, sticky rice cakes, noodles and vegetables, which are fried on a pan right in front of you!

See more of Chuncheon in our photo gallery here.