08 November 2012 05:39 | By Rafael Estefanía
Mayan people today

Catholic tradition

Nuns (© (c) Rafael Estefanía)
  • The Mayan civilisation (© (c) Rafael Estefanía)
  • Mayan people today (© (c) Rafael Estefanía)
  • The survivors (© (c) Rafael Estefanía)
  • Several ethnic groups survive (© (c) Rafael Estefanía)
  • A street pedlar with a Barbie doll (© (c) Rafael Estefanía)
  • Nuns (© (c) Rafael Estefanía)
  • The Mayan language (© (c) Rafael Estefanía)
  • a hat seller at the Plaza Grande of the city, wearing all of his merchadise (© (c) Rafael Estefanía)
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The Catholic religious heritage is still alive in the streets of Izamal, Yucatan. However, in the 16th century, Spanish bishop Diego de Landa led the suppression of Maya tradition, culminating in the burning of 40 Mayan codexes and around 20,000 cult images in the city's Franciscan convent in July 1562.

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