Chef Homaro Cantu takes viewers into his iNG kitchen in new show

Chef Homaro Cantu takes viewers into his iNG kitchen in new show

CookiNG Under Pressure takes viewers behind the scenes into the kitchen of Cantu’s iNG Restaurant in Chicago, where the menu changes every six weeks.

Sound familiar? That may be because another celebrity chef in the Windy City also has a pop-up style restaurant which changes menus every three months: Grant Achatz’s restaurant Next.

And while Achatz may be the bigger household name around the world, one of Cantu’s claims to fame -- aside from his avant-garde “mad scientist” cookery -- is his strange and victorious 2006 performance on Iron Chef America, in which he defeated Masaharu Morimoto in a battle with a laser printer that caramelized edible packaging material, and liquid nitrogen beet balloons.

In the first episode of CookiNG Under Pressure, meanwhile, Cantu takes the crowd-sourced menu suggestions from the restaurant’s Facebook page to settle on the next dinner theme: "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

The show also features use of the flavor-changing ‘miracle’ berry, the centerpiece for iNG in which the West African fruit is used to transform sour and bitter foods and challenges taste buds.

It’s not the first show Cantu has done. His 2009 show Future Food on US eco-channel Planet Green also followed the chef as he and pastry chef Ben Roche came up with inventive, futuristic edible creations that defied conventional cookery.

Watch the full 40-minute online show CookiNG Under Pressure on YouTube at

The next episode airs on January 1, 2013.