Eddie Huang and 'Top Chef: Seattle' trend on food videos this week

Eddie Huang and 'Top Chef: Seattle' trend on food videos this week

Likewise, Thanksgiving recipes also trended this week.

Here’s a selection of the top-viewed food videos over the last seven days, as of 9 am GMT, November 15.

After School Special –Epic Meal Time
The Montreal-based food pornographers put all the typical after-school snack foods into one giant messy grilled cheese sandwich, filled with layers of processed cheese slices, a ground beef and sausage mixture, taquitos, bacon, cheese sauce, mini bagel pizzas and more shredded cheese.

View count: 515,580

Top Chef: Seattle
The teaser video for the latest installment of the US version of Top Chef in Seattle also nets 120,000 hits five days after being posted.

View count: 120,088

Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Mushipan
Popular cooking channel Cooking with Dog makes a festive, Japanese-style sweet potato mushipan with a cake batter for American Thanksgiving.

View count: 66,569

Fresh off the Boat
He’s been called the new Anthony Bourdain for his irreverence, outspoken straight talk, and acid-tongued humor. A preview of New York’s BaoHaus chef Eddie Huang’s new show Fresh off the Boat drew 52,255 hits this week, a program described as a darker, uncensored travel show that explores the foods of his native Taiwan.

View count: 52,255

Best Pumpkin Pie Ever
Popular cooking how-to channel Foodwishes makes a pumpkin pie – or what the videoblogger calls Thankgsgiving’s ‘psychotic dessert’ – which can save a dinner of dried turkey and fighting relatives. The recipe calls for pumpkin purée, not to be confused with pumpkin pie filling which comes pre-seasoned.

View count: 52,031