Michelin snubs Grant Achatz's Chicago restaurant Next -- again

Michelin snubs Grant Achatz's Chicago restaurant Next -- again

The omission in the Michelin Guide Chicago 2013 didn't go unnoticed, given that Achatz’s pop-up style eatery has become one of the hottest tickets in town and a model for other restaurants around the world.

Every three months, the menu changes completely with themes that have rendered homage to the godfather of modern French cuisine Auguste Escoffier, ethnic cuisines like that of Thailand and a menu built entirely around childhood memories and flavors.

Diners must also purchase advance tickets for a seat at the table, much like a sporting event or theatrical show –- a concept copied by other world-class chefs like Achatz’s own mentor, Ferran Adrià at his tapas restaurant 41° Experience in Barcelona.

Meanwhile, Achatz and Next fans have taken to Twitter and Facebook to air their grievances with Michelin, calling the guide irrelevant for overlooking the restaurant.

“Michelin Stars have just become overrated in my book,” wrote one fan.

Wrote another: “Not one single star? What does a tire maker know about good food?”

As of 10 am GMT, November 14, meanwhile, Achatz has remained mum about the omission on both his Facebook and Twitter acounts, where fans upbraided @MichelinGuideCH directly – “How in the world does @NextRestaurant not get a single michelin star? @MichelinGuideCH”.

Meanwhile, Michelin justified its decision in an interview with Bloomberg by saying that because the menu undergoes a complete overhaul every three months, inspectors are unable to determine the level of consistency in the food.

Achatz’s flagship restaurant Alinea maintains its three-star standing -– the only address to boast full honors in Chicago.

Other notable movers in this year’s edition include graham elliot and L20, both of which were promoted to two stars.

The Michelin Guide Chicago 2013 is now on sale for $18.99. Mobile apps and ebook versions are also available.