Chefs arrive in Japan for their own 'G9' summit

Chefs arrive in Japan for their own 'G9' summit

After gathering in Lima last year to inaugurate the group, the G9, headed by Spanish chef Ferran Adrià, is in Tokyo where members will tour areas affected by the earthquake which struck the country last year and discuss the “contemporary definition of the kitchen professional,” reports food blog

This year, participants include:

Alex Atala - Brazil
Dan Barber - US
Ferran Adrià - Spain
Massimo Bottura - Italy
Yukio Hattori - Japan
Gastón Acurio - Peru
Joan Roca - Spain
Sven Elverfeld - Germany
Harold McGee - US

Last year, the group penned an open letter to the ‘chefs of tomorrow’ to blaze a trail that goes beyond cookery and change the way the world eats.

In the open letter, young chefs were urged to adopt culinary tenets that include cooking sustainably, respecting ingredients, preserving and passing on their culinary heritage, and supporting local artisans and their regional economy.

Similarly, this year the group is expected to draft another manifesto on how to train the next generation of chefs, says Eater.

The premise of gathering the world’s top chefs in a summit to discuss their importance in changing the way the world eats didn’t escape the attention of high-profile food writers however, notably British Guardian critic Jay Rayner who called the concept an act of self-importance that smacked of ludicrous self-regard, he wrote.

Chef Bottura, meanwhile, has been tweeting regularly since arriving in Japan. Follow him at @massimobottura.