India and Pakistan to make cross-border travel easier

India and Pakistan to make cross-border travel easier

The neighboring nuclear powers took a step to improve relations when India's home minister and his Pakistani counterpart signed a deal to ease visa restrictions between the two countries. The two governments had agreed to relax visa rules back in September.

The new measures benefit visitors from both countries and specifically business travelers. Following the agreement, visitors will be able to travel to five different destinations within each country per visit, instead of three.

The deal comes days before a new cricket series kicks off on December 25 with India playing host to Pakistan. Around 3,000 multi-city visas will be issued by the Indian authorities to Pakistani cricket fans.

Previously, Pakistani business travelers were only authorized to visit certain cities and required special permission to go from New Delhi to business center Gurgaon.

Business travelers also previously faced the requirement of having to 'check in' with police stations in the evening.

Relations between the two countries have been tense since their independence from Britain in 1947.

Earlier this month the Indian government lifted restrictions placed on tourist visas after the 2008 Mumbai attacks. The rule required visitors to wait for a period of two months between visits to the country.