New Bar: Zanzo Hong Kong

With a prime location behind Hong Kong's Central Library just next to Causeway Bay, the neighbourhood of Tai Hang continues to evolve as the hippest dining destination in Hong Kong with the addition of Zanzo, a new and contemporary Japanese-styled sake bar.

The buzz: Zanzo Hong Kong is opened by Miramar Group, the same people who brought us Saboten Japanese Cutlet and Hide-Chan Ramen. Given that it means "afterimage" in Japanese (read: beer goggles, or in this case, sake goggles), you can bet your vision will become more than blurry after a few drinks.

The look: The facade of slotted windows lets a pattern of light out onto the sidewalk, while inside, the intimately designed Zanzo features an open bar that seats up to 10. The windows also open up to allow for crowd spillage onto the street, making it perfect for smokers or simply hanging out.

Calm your mind and your senses with some sake at Zanzo.

PR speak: "The interior design features clean lines, natural material and neutral tones that emanate a Zen-like mood to calm the mind."

Food and drink: Zanzo Hong Kong stocks a wide range of sake, from lesser known labels to chuhai drinks. They also have their own private label that's been sourced from the award-winning Otaru refined sake "Takaragawa", which is the signature sake of the Hokkaido brewery.

Dishes to pair with your sake include the snapper sashimi, spiced radish, ponzu vinaigrette (HK$75), barbecue Australian Wagyu beef chimmichurri salad (HK$70) and sauteed fresh prawns with Japanese spicy soya sauce (HK$70).

Can't wait to try it out? Zanzo Hong Kong will celebrate its grand opening on Wednesday, 16 January 2013.

Zanzo Hong Kong, 15-16 School Street, Tai Hang, Hong Kong, +852 2570 6490,