Preview: Laris Contemporary Dining

What it is: David Laris, of Laris at Three on the Bund, is briging his style of contemporary and innovative dining to Hong Kong after his successes in Shanghai.

Before coming to Asia, Laris made a name for himself in London where he took Terrence Conran's flagship restaurant Mezzo to new heights with his diverse culinary approach.

Now, the Australian-born-Greek chef-restaurateur-entrepreneur is partnering up with Dining Concepts in Hong Kong to give us a taste of what he's got.

The look: Laris, Conemporary Dining, is centrally located on Wyndham Street in the same building as its fellow Dining Concepts restaurants, Tango and Bombay Dreams. 

Laris is known for his creative tactics in the kitchen.

The look will be "elegant, stylish yet unpretentious," and besides the dining area, there will be a small bar serving up artisan cocktails and boutique spirits.

Food and drink: We're told that there will be fresh seafood from the markets, main courses of hand-selected meats and signature game, plus seafood, pasta and decadent desserts. Many of the dishes will be classic Laris, along with a collection of new innovations, of course.

More than 200 wines will be available to pair with your meal, of which 70 percent will be from Australia and New Zealand.

PR speak: "This new space is a further opportunity for me to celebrate the long love affair I have had with elegant unpretentious dining where the food, drink and service are brought to life through every customer we serve." -David Laris.

Laris, Contemporary Dining, 2/F, 77 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, opens 12 December 2012